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Don't forget to check and change your oil at regular intervals.

Need An Oil Change?

Yuck! Does your oil look like this? The single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle is to change the oil at regular intervals.  We suggest every 3,000 miles when using regular oil, and every 5,000 miles when using synthetics.  Keeping the air filter fresh and clean helps to keep the oil clean, too.  We have 2 types of oil changes available: Deluxe & Premium

We'll have your car or truck AC blowing ice cold.

Auto AC Repair:

Driving in a hot car with no AC can be miserable, especially in Florida.  If you car or truck's air conditioning is out, there's no need to suffer needlessly.  Stop by our shop and we will diagnose the problem. In many cases, your AC charge may just be low, which is an easy fix.  If it's something more involved, we'll check it out and let you know the complete cost before we fix it.  As always, there is no obligation or pressure.  We're just here to help!

Whatever it is we can fix it, and at the right price.

Tune-Ups And Scheduled Maintenance:

Did you know that your car or truck will last longer, run better and more efficiently and save you money in the long run if you maintain it properly. Whether you need a simple hose or belt replaced, or more involved engine repair, we can do it. We'll professionally troubleshoot the problem and provide you with an estimate of what it will cost to repair.

Expert brake work

Free Brake Inspection:

Are you brakes weak, squeaking or grinding? Don't drive with unsafe brakes. Come by today for a free brake inspection. We'll give you a free, written quote on what is will cost to make them work like new.

Note: Brake parts such as brake pads and brake shoes are designed to wear out.  If not replaced when needed, they will cause damage to other brake components that can be expensive to replace.

We replace worn shocks and struts

Shocks, Struts, CV Joints & Suspension:

A set of worn out shocks can make for a miserable ride- bumpy, bouncy and unsafe!  When these componests wear out not only is your ride compromised, but other parts suffer.  It can create alignment issues, causing your tires to wear prematurely and unevenly.  Worse yet, tires do not maintain good contact with the road which can cause an unsafe condition. Other related suspension parts can also suffer.

We do full engine work

Engine/Transmission Repair:

A broken timing belt can sure make a mess of your engine, often resulting in bent valves and damaged pistons.  Replacing the timing belt or chain when the manufacturer suggests can prevent this costly repair.  We do valve jobs, replace blown head gaskets, bad waterpumps and more.

Is you car thumping or slipping when you accellerate?  It may be your transmission.  We can flush or rebuild your automatic or manual transmission, if necessary using quality parts.

Hotrod repair

Hotrod/Muscle Car Repairs:

Are you restoring a classic car?  We can add all of your favorite high performance goodies such as performance cams, headers, 4 barrel carburators, performance intake manifolds, custom valve covers and more.   We'll bolt on your aftermarket performance parts if you wish.  Nothing sounds more intoxicating than a lopy cam, a set of headers and performance mufflers. Whoom!  Whoom!


Premium Oil Change:

  • Lube, oil and filter
  • Check fluid conditions and levels
  • Check all belts and hoses and lights
  • Inspect air filter and pvc valve
  • Free brake inspection

Drive With Confidence

Did you know that most automotive repairs made by our shop are covered by a twelve (12) month, 12,000 mile warranty? Ask us for full details.

Other Services Available

  • Coolant Flush
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Induction Service
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Vehicle Purchase Inspection
  • Transmission Flush

John Martinos is an auto repair shop in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Stop in today for a free quote for auto, truck ac repair, cv joints, shocks and struts, tune-ups, oil changes, leaky radiators, bad brakes, broken window motors, oil leaks, timing belts and water pumps, transmission problems and more. Serving Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, St Petersburg Tampa Bay Fl.

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